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National Museum of Mexican Art

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Tour the National Museum of Mexican Art with Mayor Lightfoot and explore the vibrant art and rich culture of Mexico. Located in historic Pilsen, watch how this “first voice” museum plays an integral role in conserving and preserving Mexican culture.

The National Museum of Mexican Art is our next stop. Founded in 1987, the museum plays an essential role in empowering the Pilsen community. With more than 11,000 objects on display, we bring you the highlights of our trip: colorful Huichol art made of Chiquita beads; ancient Mexican art restored by Jean Charlot; a painting of a factory worker with a mechanical arm by Marcos Raya; Errol Ortiz’s electrifying pop art; and Georgina Valverde’s sculptural textile art using nylon, hemp and plastic bags. We’ve made it fun for families to learn together. Check out our activities for all ages and abilities. Use the hashtag #StayHomeHitPlay to share your creations.