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The Shedd Aquarium

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Take a walk with Mayor Lightfoot! Discover the fascinating world of aquatic animals and their ecosystems. Learn about the earth’s rich biodiversity.

As part of Mayor Lightfoot’s virtual field trip series, we invite you to reflect on each episode with educational activities. Following the first episode at Shedd Aquarium, we invite you to explore the biodiversity of Earth’s ecosystems, starting with coral reefs, using the following activities for families and students. We encourage families to work together on learning activities, which are accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities, and then share what they’ve crafted using hashtags #StayHomeHitPlay and #EarthMonthIn. We can’t wait to see your creations!

Expand Your Knowledge

Wildlife; butterfly, small bird and a flower

Zoom In On Backyard Diversity

Conservationists doing their work

Pledge To Conserve With Shedd Aquarium

Fish and coral in their natural habitat

Cling On To Coral Reefs